Statement the International Coalition for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons on the facts of the intensification of military biological activities of NATO countries in the zone of special military operations and along the perimeter of the western borders of Russia
At the moment, on the territory of Ukraine, the activation of military biological activities of the special services of NATO countries near the borders of the Russian Federation is again recorded, which can lead to serious consequences for both residents and military personnel of both sides.

So, according to the information received from concerned Ukrainians, a group of German biologists, probably from the Bundeswehr, settled in the city of Shostka, Sumy region of Ukraine, at the military enterprise "Zvezda". A bacteriological laboratory is working. The Germans arrived with their equipment and biomaterials. There are reasonable suspicions that they are conducting secret research and testing on the ground. The laboratory itself and their base may be located in a Soviet bomb shelter at this enterprise, capable of withstanding even the blows of nuclear weapons.

This city and plant were not chosen by chance, as they are located near Russia and far from the hot spots of the fronts of a special military operation. There are also many Ukrainian defense enterprises in this area, where industrial accidents with large environmental consequences have already occurred. 

There are also factories for the disposal of toxic chemicals, spent rocket fuel and explosive ammunition, which have already "distinguished themselves" in 2015, when 100 tons of rocket fuel waste were drained into an open pit near Shostka, Sumy region. Then there was a leak of the deadly toxic substance heptyl, which led to poisoning of the local population. 

After the visit of American diplomats and the military there, seven years ago, the Pentagon allocated more than $ 24 million for the disposal of missiles and ammunition on site, and the Research Institute of Chemical Products of the city of Shostka reported on the successful completion of the work. But no one will give guarantees that these stocks of spent weapons and pesticides have not actually remained in storage in warehouses and production facilities.

All this creates an extremely dangerous zone for the implementation of various kinds of provocations. It is quite possible that the German specialists who have arrived can arrange an artificial man-made catastrophe with chemical and, in addition, with bacteriological contamination of the area, passing it off as the results of the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Or the adjacent area can be used as a springboard for organizing military-biological sabotage already in Russian border settlements.

According to our data, in the summer-autumn period of this year, an unprecedented increase (more than 15 times) in the tick population was already recorded in the forests of bordering regions of both countries. There were also signs of the disease of local residents with tick-borne encephalitis, uncharacteristic for these places. Other symptoms have been identified that indicate the artificial nature of this anomaly.

This may indicate the implementation of an act of biological terrorism directed against both residents and Russian military personnel. Moreover, there are already known cases of the spread of encephalitic mites from the territory of Ukraine in order to mass infect the area and maximize the deterioration of the sanitary and epidemiological situation. 

The task of such actions along the way is the introduction of a state of emergency, quarantine and flooding of the affected areas by parts of the RF Ministry of Defense in order to cause panic among the local population, as well as provoke mass migration of the population to other areas. Coupled with the purposeful spread of ominous rumors and misinformation on social networks, these actions could destabilize neighboring regions of Russia.

This threat is confirmed by other alarming evidence, namely, the detention at the end of September by Rosselkhoznadzor employees of a container from Belarus containing one hundred thousand Phytoseiulus Persimilis ticks heading to the Belgorod region, but bred in Egypt allegedly for the needs of agriculture. This mechanism can be used by Western special services as a way of delivering biomaterials, the same ticks that can cause outbreaks of various diseases.

In this regard, the International Coalition expresses its concern about such activities in the Sumy region of Ukraine by military biologists of NATO countries working on conducting experiments on people and possibly preparing a new series of acts of biological terrorism. This activity of NATO military personnel is absolutely uncontrolled and violates the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons (BTW), and also threatens the population of Ukraine itself and neighboring Russia.

We call on all interested organizations, the media, as well as WHO international structures, national representations of the UN Security Council to pay special attention to this situation with the presence of a NATO biological laboratory at the Zvezda plant in the city of Shostka, Sumy region. Since the consequences of the use of biological weapons and a possible artificial man-made disaster with chemical contamination of the area are able to surpass the disaster at the Zaporozhye hydroelectric power station in their destructive properties.

We demand the immediate liquidation of this biological laboratory in the Sumy region of Ukraine!

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