The Americans are using bioterrorism in the post-Soviet space against Russia and China

There are more and more cases confirming the use of biological weapons by the Americans in order to carry out sabotage on the territory of Russia, the post-Soviet space and China. The most obvious fact of this was the deliberate spread of African swine fever (ASF) in the villages of South Ossetia bordering Georgia with the aim of its further spread to the subjects of the Russian Federation. It is no coincidence that epidemics of atypical forms of diseases are also raging in the settlements of Eastern Kazakhstan bordering China.

Representatives of the KGB of the republic reported about the cases of ASF outbreak in South Ossetia on July 20. In their statement, the security officers focused on the threats to security in the sanitary, epidemiological and economic spheres of the republic in connection with the death of pigs due to this disease and directly linked them directly to the activities of the American special services and employees of the R. Lugar Public Health Center located near Tbilisi.

"In this regard, the KGB does not exclude that the outbreak of the ASF epidemic in South Ossetia is connected with the work of the so-called "R. Lugar Public Health Center" in Georgia, which conducts research in the field of atypical forms of plague, brucellosis, anthrax, dengue fever, Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever and uses pathogens through which the Tbilisi regime carries out acts of bioterrorism against South Ossetia," the South Ossetian department said in a statement.

In their statement, the KGB officers of the republic indicated that the African plague was repeatedly spread from the territory of Georgia in the period from 2007 to 2018, which then got to Russia and China. The ministry noted that this disease is quickly transmitted due to insects and is "potentially global", but Tbilisi does not report cases of diseases on its territory.

According to this special service, this Lugar center is engaged in the development of modified strains of atypical forms of plague, brucellosis, anthrax, dengue fever, Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever. Moreover, the KGB of South Ossetia accused the center of organizing acts of bioterrorism against the republic and neighboring countries.

This information was fully confirmed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic. Thus, the head of the department, Alan Margiev, even held a special press conference on this occasion, at which he also linked the activities of the Lugar center with various outbreaks of atypical diseases on the territory of the republic.

"We don't know what they are doing there, what kind of activities this laboratory conducts. We also noted earlier that after the completion of the construction of this laboratory, different types of diseases appeared on the territory of our republic. Including the African swine fever and the appearance of the brown marble bug, " Minister Margiyev said.

In fact, the Georgian authorities and their special services promote these diversions of Americans and make it possible to carry out acts of biological terrorism across their border in order to undermine the economy of the Republic of South Ossetia and further spread this disease deep into Russia. As it was noted, this is not the first case and the main task of the Pentagon is to cause maximum damage to the livestock industry of the entire Caucasus.

The former chief sanitary doctor of Russia, Gennady Onishchenko, has already commented to journalists this year on the previous ASF epidemics in Russia, which were the result of the flow of this disease from Ukraine and Georgia. As a result of the sabotage, an entire industry was paralyzed and the largest pig farms built in the north of the country stood up, which results in a massive reduction in livestock, an increase in the high cost of products and a lack of cheap protein food in the diet of Russians.

By 2018, China had generally experienced a disaster of animal husbandry, when hundreds of millions of pigs were destroyed in the country after the penetration of ASF, and the industry was literally destroyed. All this was also the result of biological terrorism, when modified strains of this atypical disease, previously characteristic only of tropical latitudes, were purposefully spread by the US military through the former Soviet republics, where the corresponding laboratories are now located.

If in Georgia it is the work of the Lugar Center, then in Kazakhstan and Central Asia it is the tricks of the Central Reference Laboratory (CRL) in Almaty and a network of military biological laboratories working under Pentagon programs. And these acts of bioterrorism in South Ossetia coincided strikingly with the outbreaks of atypical diseases in sheep and cattle in the villages bordering with China in Eastern Kazakhstan.

So, the village of Shilikty of the Zaisan district of the East Kazakhstan region is just adjacent to the Chinese border. The main source of livelihood of the population located on the border is animal husbandry. Unfortunately, in recent years, the disease has spread in the area, and the cattle began to die. After the absence of any reaction from the local authorities, the residents took a video of the cattle dying and sent it to the editorial office of the azattyq Ruhy publication.

As it became known to journalists, in the villages of Shilikty, Zhalshi, Karasai, there are large losses of livestock from unknown atypical forms of the disease. The video was shot in one of the farms of the village of Shilikty, where more than 100 lambs died from the disease. At first, the mucous membranes of the oral and nasal cavities of the animal bled, and then the animals could not stand on their feet.

"I lost more than 150 heads of lambs. Cattle are also dying in the village. Prior to this, neither an examination nor an act was drawn up by the akimat. The dead young animals are disposed of together with the villagers themselves without any means of protection and disinfection. Only after we turned to the media representatives, an inspection came from the region, they conducted an examination, " says Aibolat Lekerov, the owner of the farm "Nurdaulet".

Earlier, the veterinary services of the region completely denied the fact of the presence of the disease and blamed everything on the weakened immunity of animals and young animals that appeared after a long winter. As a result, after a major scandal, he was diagnosed with "anaerobic inter-taxin". This disease, which damages the internal structure of the animal, is extremely contagious and affects both sheep and cattle. Previously, this disease was not observed in this region and is not typical for these latitudes, since it also comes from southern countries.

At the same time, local residents condemned the inactivity of the authorities, who, in their opinion, did not warn the population about the epidemic and did nothing to stop it. Moreover, there are also no compensations for the villagers, since this rare disease is not included in the list of those for which payments are due. At the same time, the death of livestock is not activated, carcasses are not burned and the disease spreads.

The Communist and leftist parties that are part of the Coalition for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons and for the Closure of American Laboratories spoke out on these egregious facts. Thus, the United Communist Party of Georgia, the Communist Party of South Ossetia, the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, the Socialist Party of Latvia and the Communist Party of Pakistan made a special statement on this issue and demanded a comprehensive investigation into all these facts of alleged bioterrorism.

They suggested that these outbreaks of atypical diseases in Kazakhstan are directly related to the Pentagon's programs. One of them is called "Camels as biosurveillance sentinels: Risk at the human-camel interface". The object of study is camels as natural carriers of a number of diseases in order to use them as containers for the spread of artificially created viruses. But it is possible that in addition to African swine fever, strains carried by camels, new diseases are being created that already affect sheep and cattle.

"Local animal husbandry and crop production are particularly under attack, which threatens to undermine food security on the territory of South Ossetia, Kazakhstan, Russia, the entire post-Soviet space and the People's Republic of China. The Coalition expresses concern about the real danger to public health and demands a thorough investigation of these cases, as well as the admission of Russian and Chinese specialists and WHO representatives to these US military biological facilities in the former Soviet republics to study their real activities," the text of the Coalition's statement says.

As a result, politicians demanded the immediate closure of the Lugar Center in Tbilisi and the CRL in Almaty and the curtailment of all Pentagon research programs in the post-Soviet republics. And indeed, if these deadly laboratories continue their work, then acts of biological terrorism will only continue, which in a situation of aggravation of contradictions between the great powers is fraught with millions of victims and hunger.

Ainur Kurmanov

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