The International Coalition calls for supporting the initiatives of Russia and China to counter the American military biological threat

The International Coalition for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons strongly supports the initiatives of the leadership of Russia and China in organizing an effective system to counter the American and NATO military biological threat, which is expressed in the adoption of a number of important documents. 

For example, a decree was recently adopted approving an updated Concept of Russia's foreign policy, which changes the approach to this danger, as President Vladimir Putin outlined the principles, tasks and priorities of the diplomatic activity of the Russian Federation, including countering the development of biological weapons in neighboring countries.

In particular, there is a paragraph where it says that "Russia will investigate cases of the development and deployment of biological weapons, primarily in neighboring states." It also spelled out the following task: "The main goal in the near abroad is to turn the region into a zone of peace, good-neighborliness and prosperity."

This is a very important step towards building a biological security system throughout the post-Soviet space and shows the determination of the Russian leadership to thwart the plans of the United States and NATO to unleash a preventive offensive biological war.

A serious step on this path was the investigation of the activities of US biological laboratories in Ukraine, conducted by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, which established that the Pentagon secretly conducted prohibited bio-research there and in many other countries. 
In the same vein, it is necessary to consider the Xi'an Declaration of the China-Central Asia Summit, where there are lines about the need to create a new body at the UN to monitor the implementation of the Convention on the Prohibition and Non-Proliferation of Biological Weapons (BTWC):

"The parties note the importance of expanding cooperation on biological safety and preventing the spread of dangerous infectious diseases. In this regard, the Parties express their support for the initiative to create a special multilateral body under the auspices of the UN - the International Agency for Biological Safety."

Such a point demonstrates the PRC's desire to achieve a revision of the attitude of the authorities of the former Central Asian Soviet republics to the military biological programs of the Pentagon and NATO countries carried out on their territory. In particular, we are talking about facilities in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and joint dual-use research projects.

This indicates the joint efforts of Beijing and Moscow undertaken to deter the aggressive actions and designs of the imperialist forces of the West in the Eurasian space. And these initiatives require our full support from all of us. After all, their goal is the elimination of laboratories, the termination of the activities of American and NATO military biologists, and their programs.

The CSTO Parliamentary Assembly, headed by the Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, is also working in this direction, which has intensified work on legislative support for the biological safety of member states. As a result of this activity, it is planned to include biosafety in the CSTO charter as a new area of cooperation within the framework of the defense association.

The same proposal was made by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the SCO summit in Samarkand in September. Then he called for the inclusion of the biological safety item in the priorities of the organization. In this regard, the International Coalition calls on the SCO and CSTO member states:

- to intensify work in this direction, 
- to create their own effective mechanisms for the implementation of the BTWC on their territory, 
- to develop and sign an agreement on countering the military biological threat and the inadmissibility of hosting such NATO facilities and programs.

In order to accelerate this process, it is necessary to consolidate the social and political forces of different countries to counter imperialist plans for the use of biological and toxin weapons and the activities of laboratories, research institutes and facilities operating under the programs of the Pentagon and NATO countries. 

To do this, it is necessary to hold an international conference with the participation of representatives of parties, movements and public figures who are ready in different countries to actively fight against this threat and in support of the efforts of Russia and China to comply with the BTWC.

All effective progressive forces must support this struggle!
United Communist Party of Georgia
Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
Socialist Party of Latvia
Communist Party of Pakistan
Antilab – Georgia
Communist Party of Azerbaijan
Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan
Association "Borotba"
Anti-Nazi Front of Armenia
Socialist Front of Lithuania
Tatiana Stojanovic, journalist, Serbia

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