The Coalition for the Prohibition of Bioweapons supports the creation of the Coordination Council of the CSTO countries on Biological Security issues

The Coalition of Political Parties on the prohibition of Biological Weapons welcomes the decision at the meeting of the secretaries of the security Councils of the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Dushanbe, on the establishment of the Coordinating Council of Authorized Bodies on biological safety issues.

Its functions will be to develop proposals on joint practical measures of the CSTO states to prevent threats to national, regional and international security associated with the impact of biological factors. In addition, the countries intend to improve the legal framework for cooperation within the CSTO and strengthen the interaction of specialized structures in the field of biological safety.

This is a clear step forward in the fight for the elimination of American military biological laboratories on the territory of the former Soviet republics, since this problem is already recognized at the CSTO level. We hope that now the counteraction to biological threats, raised to the interstate level, will be more effective and organized.

The outbreaks of atypical forms of diseases in humans, agricultural and wild animals that have occurred in recent years on the territory of the former Soviet republics and along the perimeter of the borders of Russia and the People's Republic of China give grounds to talk about targeted sabotage aimed at undermining the economy and the health of the local population. This practice of biological warfare can be fought only together and by coordinating the efforts of all CSTO member states.

The most important thing, in our opinion, is to conduct research on the activities of existing US military biological laboratories in Kazakhstan and Armenia, which are CSTO member countries. For a long time, the Russian and Chinese sides have been calling for their specialists to be admitted to these facilities in order to fully study their work carried out under the Pentagon programs.

Progress is also being made in this direction, since an intergovernmental memorandum on biological safety was signed by the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Armenia on May 6. The same document is planned to be signed between the governments of Russia and Kazakhstan. But the appearance of such a Coordinating Council for Biological Security under the CSTO makes it possible to ensure the implementation of such memoranda in practice and to achieve the elimination of organizations and facilities of potential opponents on the territory of the allied countries.

For our part, we intend to actively support all the actions and initiatives of such a Coordinating Council. We hope that its activities will be directed not only inside, but also outside this defensive block, since we are talking about the need to establish such a security system throughout the post-Soviet space and promote the idea of eliminating American military biological laboratories around the world.

In this situation, the very creation of such a Coordinating Council on Biological Security is a serious contribution to ensuring world peace and gives an additional impetus to the development of the international movement to ban biological weapons. We call on the Communist and workers ' parties to actively join our coalition in order to contribute to countering the plans and actions of imperialist forces and countries that are able to actively use deadly ammunition masquerading as natural diseases.

Unified Communist Party of Georgia
Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
Communist Party of Pakistan
Socialist Party of Latvia

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