Secret American military biological laboratories may be operating in Moldova

On the portal On August 7, an interview with the scientific director of the Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums was published. Mechnikov, Head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology of Sechenov University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Zverev. The discussion was mainly about the possibility of an artificial origin of Covid-19, but they also touched on the topic of the activities of American military biological laboratories in the post-Soviet space.

The academician in his interview was quite skeptical that the virus itself was originally man-made as a biological weapon, although he did not rule out the possibility that the strain could have left the laboratory as a result of a leak.

"But it was not about creating a coronavirus that will work like this on a person. If we talk about an accidental leak from the laboratory — it could have happened. But bacteriological weapons were hardly being prepared. Firstly, the virus under discussion is not very suitable for such weapons. Because the mortality rate is small, a tenth of a percent. And secondly, when they create weapons, they also make a vaccine in order to protect themselves, " the scientist believes.

Despite this, he confirmed that American military biological laboratories opened in the former Soviet republics, namely in Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova, and not controlled by local governments, pose a huge threat to the local population, as well as to citizens of Russia and China. According to him, many specialists from the former anti-plague institutes work in these institutions and they can really participate in research related to the development of biological weapons.

"And no one can know what they are investigating there today. Neither international experts nor Russian specialists are allowed in the laboratory, and anything can be there. And there are serious reasons to believe that the swine fever that happened in the Caucasus is a man — made work," said Academician Vitaly Zverev.

This interview of a well-known scientist once again confirms the correctness of our statement that these laboratories working under the Pentagon program are objects of increased danger, where the collection, modification and testing of strains of the most dangerous types of diseases for military purposes is carried out. In fact, they are bacteriological bombs along the perimeter of the borders of the Russian Federation and can be activated at any time.

Moreover, various atypical outbreaks of various diseases that are uncharacteristic for these climatic conditions and latitudes, such as the same African swine fever found in the villages of South Ossetia, are a manifestation of targeted sabotage and testing of biological weapons in order to undermine agriculture, the economy and the health of local residents.

We have repeatedly noted this in our numerous statements of the Coalition for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, demanding their immediate closure both in the post-Soviet space and throughout the world. But it is noteworthy that another expert in the person of Vitaly Zverev points out Moldova as a former Soviet republic, where such objects are located.

If the location of such American laboratories is known in other republics, then this information is strictly classified in Moldova. True, there were journalistic investigations on this issue a few years ago, there are statements by Ukrainian opposition deputies for 2019, which note the connection between American institutions in the Independent and in Moldova. But these data are scattered and in this regard, it is natural to ask the authorities of this country about the presence of such institutions on the territory of the republic.

Last autumn, the Communist Party of Moldova and its leader have already made requests to the Information and Security Service on this topic, but so far the special services have not responded to it. In connection with the new references to Moldova in the speeches of well-known experts, progressive public forces need to raise this issue again before the president, the prime minister and the new composition of the parliament, since the presence of such objects threatens the life and health of all citizens of the republic and neighboring countries.

The Coalition for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons

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