Welcome letter to the participants of the Congress of the XXII Assembly of the World Peace Council

Dear participants of the Congress!
The International Coalition for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, which includes representatives of political parties and movements from Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Pakistan and Azerbaijan, welcomes the participants of the XXII Assembly of the World Peace Council, which takes place in Hanoi from November 21 to 27!

We are very grateful that we were invited to take part in the XXII Assembly of the World Peace Council, but unfortunately, for organizational reasons, as well as due to our own events, we could not send our delegation. Nevertheless, we consider it important to consolidate common efforts in the fight against imperialism and the growing threat of global war.

The goals and objectives of the World Peace Council are close to us, and we have published and distributed documents and materials adopted at national congresses of the representative offices of this international organization. The World Peace Council has a glorious history of fighting for peace since 1950, when it became a concentration of progressive democratic forces opposed to American and Western aggression.

International campaigns and movements against American military bases, the organization of interventions, the fight against fascism, racism, apartheid and the suppression of popular demonstrations by ultra-right regimes in Chile, South Africa, South Korea and other countries will always remain in the memory of the peoples of the globe as a great achievement of the World Peace Council.

And the fact that the Congress of the XXII Assembly itself is being held in Hanoi is also symbolic, since it was 47 years ago that the American military intervention in Vietnam was put to an end, the puppet regime of Saigon fell and the country finally united after decades of liberation war. Many activists and fighters around the world participated in the movement to end the Vietnam War and in support of the heroic people who are now living and thriving thanks to the solidarity and support of the USSR and the socialist camp.

At the moment, the United States, which is losing world hegemony, is unleashing new local wars, pushing NATO to the east, creating new blocs in the form of AUKUS and others, and forming new threats to all mankind. Now one of such dangers is the network of American military biological laboratories around the world, as well as the Pentagon's dual-use research programs.

We are considering hundreds of such facilities around the world, where biological weapons are being developed and tested, by real US and NATO bases. More than forty such laboratories have conducted similar research in Ukraine, and many programs have now been transferred to other countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. 

This is a real "cheap weapon" that can not only lead to the death of many millions, but cause famine, as it is also aimed at undermining the agriculture of potential adversaries. Therefore, it is necessary to fight for the creation of new international mechanisms for the prohibition, control and investigation of the activities of such laboratories.

We declare our unconditional desire to actively cooperate with the World Peace Council in countering the common threat and coordinating efforts in the development of the international movement against world imperialism. We wish all participants to successfully hold the XXII Assembly and develop a new action plan.
International Coalition for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons
November 16, 2022

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