An open letter to the CSTO from the participants of the conference "Military biological threats from the United States and NATO and the fight against them"

To the Secretary General of the CSTO
For Stanislav Vasilyevich
To the CSTO Coordinating Council on Biological Safety
Dear members of the CSTO Coordinating Council on Biological Safety!
The participants of the conference "Military biological threats to the post-Soviet space from the United States and NATO and the fight against them", which was attended by representatives of parties, public associations and experts from Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Pakistan, Serbia and Bulgaria, appeal to the Coordinating Council for Biological Security of the CSTO.

The CSTO is the only defensive association in the post–Soviet space capable of containing the aggressive offensive of the Pentagon and NATO in a situation of aggravation of the international situation and provocations by American and Western imperialism, pushing the world towards a global war.

A particular threat now is the possibility of Americans using biological weapons on the territory of the former Soviet republics bordering Russia and China. The current special operation on demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine has revealed numerous facts of the Pentagon's development of biological weapons in more than 30 laboratories, and this clearly proves that similar programs are being carried out at similar facilities in other countries.

Moreover, it is unacceptable to plan the creation of new NATO military biolabs in the territories of the former USSR, since there is information that the construction of such a BSL-4 laboratory and an underground storage facility for a collection of dangerous and especially dangerous strains in the south of Kazakhstan is planned.

In this regard, an important role is assigned to the activities of the CSTO Coordination Council on Biological Safety, established in September last year. And the participants of the conference, as well as members of the Coalition for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, very much hope that this Council under the CSTO will now take measures to ensure disclosure of the activities of all laboratories in the post-Soviet space working under the programs of the Pentagon's DTRA agency and the military departments of Germany and Great Britain.

The coalition calls on the Coordinating Council for Biological Safety and the newly created Directorate for Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety under the CSTO to show political will and eliminate these facilities on the territory of Kazakhstan and Armenia, which are members of the defensive alliance, since it is already obvious that their activities pose a huge danger to all living things, and they themselves are real US military bases.

And therefore it is necessary to prevent the transformation of these regions into an arena of constant instability and mass death of the local population and animals in the event of the use of biological weapons. Moreover, new developments and research by American military biologists are being conducted at the genetic level, as well as to undermine agriculture and animal husbandry in order to provoke hunger.
These challenges require the consolidation of all participating countries and the strengthening of the CSTO as a defensive association with the development and implementation of a unified strategy to counter biological and other threats emanating from NATO.

The conference participants, as well as members of the Coalition, an international public association, are ready to actively contribute to the activities of the CSTO Coordinating Council on Biological Safety and are interested in cooperating in monitoring and conducting public hearings and information campaigns in this area.

Moreover, at our conference, a working expert group was created to form a public monitoring center in order to analyze the materials of the activities of similar Pentagon and NATO facilities in the post-Soviet space and to consolidate experts who are ready to participate in this activity.

The conference participants and the Coalition are ready to cooperate and organize events aimed at clarifying and strengthening the activities of the CSTO and its Biological Security Coordination Council, as well as to mobilize supporters of the elimination of all US and NATO military biological laboratories and facilities in the post-Soviet space.

With deep respect, the participants of the conference and representatives of the International Coalition for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons
Socialist Party of Latvia
United Communist Party of Georgia
 "Antilab Georgia"
 Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
 Communist Party of Pakistan
 Communist Party of Azerbaijan
 Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan
Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan
 Tatiana Stojanovic (Serbia)
 Asya Zuan Ivanova, journalist (Bulgaria)
 Georgy Iremadze, political scientist, journalist (Georgia)
Dmitry Orlov, political analyst, publicist (Kyrgyzstan)
Hayk Ayvazyan, Coordinator of the Anti-Nazi Front (Armenia)
Baktybek Saipbayev, immunologist and member of the International Agency for Biological Research Control (MACBI - Kyrgyzstan)

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