The current deadly pneumonia could have been started by the US military

A scandal continues in social networks and in the media related to the publication on the website of the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan that an unexplored type of pneumonia is raging in our country, from which 1,772 people have already died. For some reason, they were not included in the list of those killed by the coronavirus, and diplomats warned their citizens about this danger. Some of the Kazakh public figures believe that this epidemic is man-made and could have been launched from the American military biological laboratory in Almaty.

"According to Kazakh media reports, since mid-June, the incidence of pneumonia in Atyrau, Aktobe and Shymkent has increased significantly. At the moment, about 500 people have been infected and more than 30 people are in critical condition. In the first half of this year, 1772 people died of pneumonia. In June alone, 628 people were killed, including Chinese citizens. The mortality rate from this disease is much higher than from the new coronavirus pneumonia, " a special message on the website of the Chinese embassy says.
The warning for Chinese citizens says that"the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan and other institutions are conducting a comparative study of the pneumonia virus, and a final determination has not been made." "The Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan reminds Chinese citizens in Kazakhstan of the need to pay attention to the above situation, more effectively raise their awareness about prevention and minimize the risk of infection," the Chinese diplomats said in a published message.

Surprisingly, the data of the Chinese embassy contradict the official information of the authorities of our country, which either do not mention the number of deaths, or give reports on the total mortality from Covid-19, which on Thursday was 264 people. This time, the Kazakh Foreign Ministry does not refute the statement of the Chinese embassy, although a couple of months ago it issued a special note of protest about the publication in a private Beijing publication. It turns out that the PRC has reliable information about the real situation?

Some experts believe that this pneumonia is a manifestation of the coronavirus. This opinion is also shared by the official authorities of neighboring Kyrgyzstan, who intend to combine the statistics of cases from Covid-19 and from this pneumonia into one. The problem also lies in the fact that at the moment there is no exact data at all on the number of people infected with coronavirus, since only those who are hospitalized are taken into account. At the same time, thousands of Kazakhstanis cannot pass paid PCR tests in queues, as well as buy the necessary medicines, which have risen in price several, or even dozens of times.

In social networks and among public activists, the version that this surge of pneumonia could also be man-made and come out of the gates of American military biological facilities on the territory of Kazakhstan has become popular again. For example, the co-chairman of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, Ainur Kurmanov, believes that the previous statement of the Chinese Foreign Ministry that Covid-19 itself was made in the American Central Reference Laboratory (CRL) could be true, since this catastrophic situation with the spread of deadly pneumonia indirectly proves this statement.

"Kazakhstan has become a real epicenter of dangerous diseases and note that this new type of pneumonia associated with the coronavirus is raging in Kazakhstan, and not, for example, in neighboring Russia, Uzbekistan or China. I dare to assume that this is a new modified type of the disease developed in the bowels of American military laboratories located on the territory of the country, which fits with the version that the previous strain of Covid-19 was created in the Central Reference Laboratory in Almaty, and then sprayed in Wuhan," Ainur Kurmanov suggests.

The politician also draws analogies with other epidemics and outbreaks of infectious diseases that took place in Kazakhstan in the past years immediately after the opening of the CRL.

"We observed similar cases with measles and meningitis in 2018 and 2019, but then these epidemics were not so lethal. We can call them a kind of rehearsal before the already full-scale Covid-19 pandemic, " Ainur Kurmanov makes comparisons.

The Socialist leader believes that it was the disregard for warnings from Russian and Chinese specialists and officials about the serious threat posed by American biological laboratories that led to the current catastrophe.

"The country's authorities did not react and even brushed off the statements of the CSTO and SCO allies about the CRL in Almaty and now they have come to such a deplorable result. Together with the anti — social reforms in the healthcare system, this has determined the current crisis, which can turn into a real catastrophe," the politician concludes.

Ainur Kurmanov also criticized the position of the Foreign Ministry, which, in his opinion, has become a kind of advocate for American military biological programs in Kazakhstan.

"In early May, our Foreign Ministry, reacting to the statements of Moscow and Beijing about the activities of American military biologists in Kazakhstan, hastened to inform that the CRL is allegedly a budget institution and cannot be closed, as it is looking for a vaccine against coronavirus. I would like to ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister, where is the much-vaunted vaccine and what has the supposedly budgetary CRL done to combat the pandemic in Kazakhstan? How many lives of Kazakhstanis were eventually saved by American and Kazakh biologists and virologists, because the Pentagon allocated more than $ 400 million for research activities? And why has the number of outbreaks and epidemics of infectious diseases only increased significantly with the opening of the CRL in the country?", asks Ainur Kurmanov.

According to the oppositionist, the arguments of Kazakh diplomats about the peaceful and domestic nature of the CRL turned out to be empty and showed their inconsistency against the background of such mortality from pneumonia. He also calls on the public to express its tough stance against dual-use facilities managed from Washington.

"We are turning into a real Pentagon testing ground for the development and spread of dangerous diseases, posing a threat to neighboring countries as well. The latest message from the Chinese Embassy and the lack of reaction from our Foreign Ministry shows that the arguments about the artificial nature of the virus were correct. We must stop being weak-willed guinea pigs and demand that the CRL in Almaty and all American military biological facilities in the country be immediately closed. Before it's too late!", - summed up Ainur Kurmanov.

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