Ainur Kurmanov: The American military biological laboratory in Almaty should be closed immediately!

The presence of the Pentagon's military laboratory in Kazakhstan is a political issue that calls into question our independence and sovereignty. Active actions to eliminate this biological "bomb" of dangerous pathogens are a struggle against Western neocolonialism.

Against the background of the spread of coronavirus in China, there is a great danger of new outbreaks of modified viruses already on the territory of the former Soviet republics of Central Asia and, first of all, in Kazakhstan. This deadly threat comes from the military reference laboratory of especially dangerous pathogens of the Pentagon, which was opened in 2016 in the largest metropolis of the country-Almaty.

Various journalists and analysts have already expressed thoughts that the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan could be of artificial origin, and the virus itself could be modified in the same US military biological laboratories in Southeast Asia and is aimed specifically at residents of mainland China. This option cannot be excluded due to the rapid development of military science and the very type of biological weapons.

When used in combination, these weapons are no worse in terms of destructive effects than nuclear weapons, since in addition to human casualties, they cause panic, lead to the isolation of entire regions, to the fall of industrial production and undermine the very foundations of the state system, as it causes total distrust of the population to the central government.

These new technologies can be applied against potential opponents without the use of armed forces and without total war. Perhaps we are witnessing an experimental development of the methods of conducting future wars, since it is not for nothing that various general staffs of the leading powers are working out strategic plans for conducting military operations and crushing the economic power of enemies without the use of nuclear weapons.

Therefore, the task of these US military biological laboratories around the world is not only to search for the most dangerous pathogens, but also to modify them, as well as to collect the genetic material of the local population and the animal world to remove special pathogens that react specifically to representatives of a particular region. In densely populated and earthquake-prone Almaty, such a Pentagon laboratory collects our data, as well as the most terrible bacteria and viruses in Central Asia.

Now we are seeing outbreaks of African swine fever, resistant to northern latitudes in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, the Baltic countries and China. In recent years, our territory has been characterized by a mass death of saigas, sheep, as well as lightning-fast outbreaks of meningitis and measles, which mostly affected the Almaty region and even spread to neighboring Kyrgyzstan.

It is noteworthy that last year's measles strains "Dublin" and "Kabul" were the most toxic and modified, which, according to employees of the Kazakh Ministry of Health, allegedly got into the country as a result of immigration from Ukraine. But I already wrote in my previous article that it is stupid to assume that Ukrainians could get into remote villages of southern and western Kazakhstan. Most likely, the strains were distributed by employees of the military biological laboratory of the Pentagon in Almaty and its branch in Otar.

And it was not the lack of vaccination and not the imaginary unwillingness of parents to vaccinate their children, but the fact that the old vaccines simply turned out to be useless against new strains of this contagious disease. The outbreak of that time was extinguished only thanks to the mass import of a modern Russian vaccine, which the representatives of the Kazakh Ministry of Health chose to remain modestly silent about.

In the situation of the coronavirus, the situation is repeated one to one. A new modified toxic strain appears, from which there is no escape. And it is not a fact that it will be brought to the territory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia from China. It may well be sprayed inside the country and written off to visiting citizens of the People's Republic of China or to those who have returned from China. Thus, it can be distributed already within the EAEU countries.

In any case, this outbreak of atypical influenza gives us another reason not only to remind, but also to rigidly put the requirement for the liquidation of the American military biological laboratory in Almaty. Since this is already a matter of national security, preservation and survival of the local population. And this is already a political issue, as it shows the complete disenfranchisement of citizens and the dependence of our rulers on the external forces of the West.

The presence of the Pentagon's reference laboratory, which was opened without discussion with the population of the city and the republic — is a typical attribute of neocolonialism. You can also list other attributes in the form of a bank of low-enriched uranium, a burial ground for nuclear waste and processing of highly enriched uranium on the basis of the Ulba Metallurgical Plant. Or in the form of a certified NATO school in Karaganda, which has been operating since 2008.

It is clear that Akorda did not intend and does not intend to hold any "referendums" on such trifles. Although a few years ago, a survey of Almaty residents was conducted, organized by the Kazakhstan Today agency, where 92 % of respondents answered the question "Do you agree with the creation and presence of an American biolab for especially dangerous infections in Almaty?" the answer was "no".

Another typical attribute of Western neocolonialism is the non-payment of natural rent by Western mining companies for 28 years of exploitation of Kazakhstan's subsurface resources and the refusal to declassify subsurface use contracts. Simply put, this is a blatant robbery of the natural resources of our people with the participation of the corrupt elite. And the most striking example of the domination of transnational corporations is unequal pay for equal work. You can see for yourself that Kazakh workers receive five or even ten times less than foreign specialists of the same qualification.

Kazakhstan is turning from a relative to an absolute colony of developed capitalist countries, since in addition to a biological bomb, a political laboratory is being created from above to remove the bacilli of nationalism and liberalism in the face of a new pro-Western Democratic Party, which is being created as a special project and a concession to Washington. This is a kind of gift for Pompeo's visit.

To counteract this, we already need the efforts of many activists and the construction of a movement capable of initiating at the first stage a serious information campaign inside the country for the immediate closure of all military and paramilitary organizations and laboratories of the United States and NATO on the territory of Kazakhstan. They wanted to enter the Caspian Sea, but they left us a time bomb in Almaty!

And we must understand that the liquidation of the laboratory is the first step towards overcoming Western neocolonialism, preserving the independence and integrity of the country!

Ainur Kurmanov, Co-Chairman of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan

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