Statement of the Participants of the Conference "Military biological threats to the post-Soviet space from the United States and NATO and the fight against them"

The conference participants from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Donbass, Georgia, Latvia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Pakistan state the strengthening of military-biological threats emanating from the United States and NATO against Russia, China and the rest of the world. Recent events in Ukraine have revealed numerous facts about the activities of more than 30 Pentagon laboratories that developed various types of bacteriological munitions, and the latest new infectious diseases that have appeared in Africa and Europe further increase the danger of using biological weapons under the guise of another pandemic.

First of all, we are talking about an outbreak of monkey pox, which, in our opinion, is an artificial stuffing organized by American military biologists in the interests of the development of the military-industrial complex and for the profits of pharmaceutical monopolies.

It is noteworthy that monkey pox was introduced from Nigeria, where at least four US biological laboratories operate, and in 2021, the American military company Nuclear Threat Initiative conducted special exercises in which the scenario of the spread of this disease in the EU countries was worked out in June of this year.

In addition, the spread of various more dangerous Covid-19 strains has also increased, which is already considered by many, and in particular by American experts, as a man-made virus created within the walls of the Pentagon's military laboratories.

An analysis of documents and facts that have fallen into the hands of the Russian military about the activities of dozens of US laboratories in Ukraine shows that all of them, including on the territory of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, were and are real military bases for preparing attacks on the Russian Federation and China, as well as for carrying out targeted sabotage against residents of potential NATO adversaries and to undermine their agriculture.

This can already be seen in the example of outbreaks of African Swine fever (ASF), Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever, as well as the development of genetically modified diseases affecting agricultural plants. Such diversions, in addition to attacks on the health care system, are designed to organize mass deaths of animals and reduce yields in order to exacerbate the problem of food shortages in the world. All this creates a real threat of the spread of hunger and the associated social and political instability.

Such actions of American military biologists and special services in the post-Soviet space should be considered as acts of bioterrorism with all the ensuing consequences, which raises the question of the immediate liquidation of all existing laboratories of the United States and NATO, as well as the termination of the work of the Research Institutes of the former Soviet Republics under the Pentagon programs.

A broad mass movement for the closure of American military biological laboratories can encourage governments to take such actions. An example is the association "Antilab-Georgia", created to expose the activities of the Lugar Center in Tbilisi and to organize protest campaigns.

This practice of creating such public associations should be extended to other republics of the former USSR, in particular to Kazakhstan, where the seventh laboratory is being built, but the highest category of biological hazard BSL-4 with an underground repository of the most dangerous pathogens from around the world.

The conference participants note that in this direction it is necessary to strengthen practical activities for conducting information and political campaigns within countries where military biological laboratories are located or local research institutes work under Pentagon programs. Including through holding protest actions, rallies, collecting signatures for petitions, organizing public hearings and proposing bills.

It is also important to work with leftists, trade union organizations and social movements in NATO countries through Solidnet and the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), which support our position on the need for an immediate cessation of military biological research by the United States and its allies both in the post-Soviet space and around the world.

For a more effective analysis of the activities of an entire network of American military biological laboratories, we are also creating a working group of experts on the formation of a public monitoring center designed to collect information and materials about the work of research institutes and institutions working under Pentagon programs. This working group is designed to concentrate experts from among virologists, epidemiologists, sanitary doctors and hygienists who stand in our positions in order to identify and comment on the collected facts.

The coalition will advocate for the admission of experts from the expert working group and, subsequently, the Monitoring Center to all dual-use institutions and laboratories in the post-Soviet space and calls on other social movements to support this initiative by sending their representatives and experts to it.

Proceeding from the need to counter all military biological threats to the post-Soviet space from the United States and NATO, the conference participants:

- They support the efforts of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the activities of the deputy commission of the State Duma and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation to investigate the work of American military biologists on the territory of Ukraine. And also the intention to organize a demonstration tribunal with the disclosure of all military-biological crimes on the territory of Ukraine.

- They support Russia's initiatives to create an effective mechanism within the UN to control the non-proliferation of biological weapons and compliance with the 1972 Convention.

- Support the work of the CSTO Coordination Council on Biological Safety and the creation of an appropriate Management of the CSTO under this structure.

- They call on all countries where there are laboratories and research institutes working under the programs of the Pentagon and the EATO to create public organizations and movements aimed at their immediate elimination.

- They advocate the prevention of further construction in the south of Kazakhstan of a laboratory of the highest category of biological hazard BSL-4 with an underground storage of the most dangerous pathogens from around the world.
July 16, 2022

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